RTMP Live Streaming;

In order to send to a destination or platform using RTMP, you need two relevant information:

The RTMP Server URL is needed for IP cameras or devices that support RTMP, and the URL generated by galata.ai is used to send the broadcast to galata.ai.

For example; rtmp://cdn-sr19.galata.ai/live

RTMP link located in Galata;

A stream key is needed for each RTMP broadcast stream. A URL containing the key is shared by Galata for the RTMP streams it creates.

For example; rtmp://cdn-sr19.galata.ai:1787/live/aTk0U25GMRFxVTFWNFlsbzVRVDA9

Image and sound transmission from IP camera devices or software;

Although the URL provided by Galata is fixed, the broadcast key is constantly changing. This is purely for security purposes and transmission of different broadcasts is prevented.

If audio is desired in broadcasts, the audio system must support AAC codec

Ip camera sample RTMP settings;