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Galata Office
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Our company has been operating on video streaming and cloud services for a long time. Our team is working with talented software engineers, sales and security industry experts with years of experience.

By including artificial intelligence in our R&D studies, we provide our customers with fast access to the data they request. For this purpose, we are developing a high-level security system.

The aim of GALATA is to keep Ip camera images on the cloud with high quality and using the highest compression technology. We have developed professional mobile, desktop and web applications to monitor images from anywhere.

Video Processing and Unlimited Recording Technology

GALATA carries out high-quality and qualified projects by providing the support of its own experts and contracted solution partners for areas such as content creation, content update, cloud services, streaming project development for its infrastructure, software, products and applications. In line with the demands of institutions and organizations, we have the experience and staff to meet the basic needs of video processing, live broadcasting, recording and development products on the cloud.
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Why did we use the name Galata?


Also known as the Galata Kulesi Museum, an iconic symbol situated in the Galata quarter of Istanbul.
Considered among the oldest towers in the world and one of the symbols of Istanbul, Galata Tower was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List in 2013. Galata Tower, one of the most important structures that make up the silhouette of Istanbul, was used as a long-term fire watchtower and was named Galata Fire Tower.

Galata Tower was first built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinianos in 507-508 AD. The ancient Tower of Galata “Megalos Pyrgos”, which means Great Tower stood on the north side of the Golden Horn in Istanbul, located in the citadel of Galata. The tower then marked the northern end of the great chain, which was expanded across the mouth of the Golden Horn to prevent enemy ships from entering the harbor. The tower contained a mechanism for raising and lowering the chain. This tower should not be confused with the present time Galata Tower, which is still standing and located at the northernmost and highest point of the citadel of Galata.

The Genoese rebuilt the current tower in 1348-49. When the Genoans captured Galata in the 1300s, they saw that most of the walls and the first tower were destroyed by the Byzantines. Ultimately, they repaired all the walls and bastions. They also rebuilt the Galata Tower, located at the top of the walls, and laid the foundations of today’s tower. The tower, called “Christea Turris” (Tower of Christ) after a cross on its cone, gradually became the symbol of this small Latin society.